B L O N D E - A F

So you want to be blonde…?

Really, REALLY blonde.

That’s great!

But before venturing into the wonderful world of lightened hair, there are a few things you need to know!


This is me! - Brittney Paddock.

I have been platinum blonde and helping others become platinum blonde for over 10 years!

Here are some things I’ve learned along the way at home and in the salon!

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First things first:

Find a stylist in your area specializing in blonding services and schedule a consultation. Consultations allow you to share inspiration photos, go over details about your service (including cost and time), and then create a plan of action!

Your stylist will need to take the following factors into consideration:

Current hair color

How dark is the hair naturally? The darker the hair, the more appointments needed to reach platinum status. It rarely happens in one session. We also need to know what kind of product is present in the hair- a color and chemical history. Do you have old, faded color? Still counts! A keratin treatment? Tell us! Things of this nature will be taken into account.

Condition of the hair

The hair must be strong enough to handle the effects of going lighter. If not, you should be prepared and willing to trim at least a couple inches off. Your stylist may even suggest a repair treatment prior to embarking on your blonde journey. (Personally, I would recommend the SOS Repair Treatment by TIGI and Olaplex No. 1 and 2. They are brilliant.)

As mentioned before,a stylist should tell you what to expect in terms of cost and maintenance (hopefully in your pre-booked consultation!)

There’s no denying it- being platinum requires time, patience, and money. You must be willing to keep up with appointments, purchase quality products and care of your hair at home. 

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Now that you’re blonde…


There are certain requirements you must follow in order to maintain healthy, beautiful hair!

These things include:


You’ll need a moisture/protein rich shampoo and conditioner and a deep conditioning treatment. My favorites include the Bumble & Bumble’s Hairdressers Invisible Oil line and Oribe’s Gold Lust. A purple shampoo is also a must-have for fighting yellow and brassy tones. Olaplex No. 3 is an at-home bond restructuring treatment I highly recommend.

Keep heat styling to a minimum:

Lightened hair is fragile. Heat is damaging. If you do choose to apply heat on occasion, be sure to use product with a heat protectant - like the Hairdressers Invisible Oil primer spray. (This awesome product is pre-style spray that is GREAT to prevent or help dry or damaged hair! Add a few sprays throughout your hair before drying it to style, and get to styling!)


Prebook your appointments for touch ups (approximately every 6-10 weeks). Toning, “glossing” or “glazing” the hair frequently is also necessary to maintain your icy, white, or chrome tones.

And lastly…


The great thing about being platinum is the freedom you’ll have when it comes to pastels and vivids.

Try different tones!

Go for a gunmetal silver, and when that fades try a baby pink or purple! The possibilities are endless.  

This is me as well! I love adding fun colors to my hair whenever I can!

This is me as well! I love adding fun colors to my hair whenever I can!

Now that you know what it takes to become and maintain your platinum, I hope you are excited to start your journey to becoming Blonde AF!

I am located at The Lab A Salon in North Park, San Diego, and I am ALWAYS accepting new clients! If and when you feel ready, I would LOVE to help make your platinum dream come true.

~ Brittney Paddock

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